Introducing Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Prefecture is in the Hokuriku region of north-central Japan, bordered to the north by the Sea of Japan and nestled between Ishikawa, Nagano, and Gifu prefectures. The prefecture’s natural beauty spans the rugged Tateyama Mountain Range and the scenic Toyama Bay.

World Heritages: Historic Villages of Gokayama

The beautiful mountain scenery created by rice paddles, fields, stone walls, and these thatched-roof houses is the original scenery of Japan. Houses with thatched roofs known as “gassho-style” are an extremely rare form of dwelling which can only be seen in this part of Japan.

Toyama photos - Historic Villages of Gokayama

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route― “Roof of Japan”

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine (pronounced “Alpen”) Route passes through the dynamic scenery of Mt. Tateyama in the Japan Alps. It is traversed using a variety of vehicles with an elevation change of 2400 meters from Toyama Prefecture to Nagano Prefecture. 

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route― Roof of Japan

Blessing of nature, a Treasure Trove of Food

Toyama Bay has a prime location for marine life, and nutrient-rich water washed out to sea from the 3,000m-high Tateyama Ranges makes for plump seafood, and with only a short distance between the fishing grounds and the port, the fish have no time to lose their freshness – It's just like taking fishes from a fish tank!

Food in Toyama photo

Climate in Toyama

Temperatures in spring range from approximately 7°C~21°C(44.6°F~69.8°F), so it's always a good idea to have a light jacket that you can throw on.

Toyama is awesome in the spring