Types of Visas and Fees

Types of Spanish Visas

Spain Transit Visa. This visa enables you to transit through Spain in order to reach your non-Schengen destination country. There are two types of Spain Transit Visas:

  • Airport Transit. You can apply for this visa if you need to transit through an airport in Spain in order to change a flight to reach your destination.
  • Seamen Transit. You should apply for this visa if you are a seaman and you need to disembark at a Spanish port, in order to take a vessel to a non-Schengen country.

Spain tourist and visitor visa. If you are planning to go to Spain for tourism, sightseeing, vacation, and visiting family members or friends living in Spain.

Spain Business Visa. If you need to travel to Spain to attend business-related activities, you should apply for a Spain business visa.
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Do I Need to Apply for a Spanish Tourist Visa?
You will not need to apply for a Spanish tourist visa if you are from:

Invitation Letter Request

An Invitation Letter can be sent to you or your employing institution by email (for you to print) inviting your participation in the Congress in order that you may apply for a Visa to enter Puerto Rico.

Please send the information below and an Invitation Letter and other supporting letters will be sent to you to take to the embassy or consulate.

Other helpful documents include:
•  A flight itinerary and receipt indicating that the applicant has paid for a flight to and from the congress location.
•  A Congress registration receipt indicating that the applicant has paid the Congress registration fee.

Email the following information to info@ifta-congress.org:
Email subject line should be: Invitation Letter Request

Your title (Prof. - Dr. - Mr. - Ms. - Mrs.)
Your Name as you want it to appear on the invitation letter.
Your Address
Your Email Address
Telephone Number