World Family Therapy Congress Topics

This year, the Program Committee is soliciting workshop proposals on three topics:

  • Founders Track:  This would be a workshop on one of the original founders of systemic family therapy.  45 min
  • Supervision Track:
  • Educators Track:  This track is for teaching faculty only and is designed to feature creative ways of teaching systemic therapy.

Possible Congress Workshop Topics:

Abuse and Domestic Violence
Collaborative Care   
Community Issues and Systems
Cultural Sensitivity and Competence
Death, Dying, Bereavement, Loss
Divorce and Remarriage
Education and Training of Therapists
Ethical and Legal Issues
Evidence Based Treatment
Family Development
Forensic Issues, Legal Systems, and Courts
Medical Issues and Systems
Mental Health and Illness
Outcome Research
Process Research
Research: Evaluation of Therapy
State of Knowledge
Substance Abuse and Dependence
Therapy Models
Trauma and Healing