Congress Information

The 2024 World Family Therapy Congress of the International Family Therapy Association managed by World Family Therapy Congresses.

Congress Event Management (Proposals, exhibits and Registration):

Doug Tschopp Email:

Program Chair: John Lawless

Chief Financial Officer: Fred Jefferson

IFTA General Secretary: William Hiebert +309-786-4491

The official language of the meeting is English, however, workshops will be presented in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

All proposals for presentations are to be in English. If the workshop will be in Mandarin or Japanese, the proposal must have an English title and English short description in addition to the title and short description in either Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. All the requests will be considered. Proposals will be approved on a "rolling" basis; that is, they will be evaluated as they are submitted. The proposals will either be accepted, placed on a waiting list or denied during the entire proposal process. Deadline is published on the homepage. Do not wait until the deadline to submit!

Informal for all occasions.

The organizers will be pleased to provide a letter of invitation to any pre-registered and paid participant requesting one. It is to be understood that such an invitation is intended to help potential participants raise travel funds or obtain a visa. This will be sent by email. It is not a commitment on the part of the Congress to provide any financial support.

The congress organizers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, or for loss or damage of property belonging to congress participants (or their accompanying persons), either during, or as a result of the congress.

Due to international hotel policies, IFTA has to begin making payments for attendees in July of each year. By December, IFTA has paid for your attendance at the Congress. Thus, for the 2024 World Congress in Toyama, Japan, residents who have to cancel their participation will forfeit most of their Registration money. To protect against this possible loss, we have arranged for Alianz to offer coverage for your Congress Registration fee and your flight and anything else you might wish to cover. More information about Trip Insurance can be found here.

All visitors are required to have a valid passport, and for some countries, a Visa is required.  It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a Visa if required. Please click here for more Visa information.

The Toyama airport located in the city of Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. The airport services are primarily domestic flights and international flights to Korea and Taiwan. Seasonal international charter flights also service Toyama from April to June.

Toyama Kitokito Airport has domestic flights to/from Tokyo (4 flights/day) and to/from Sapporo (1flight/day) as well as international flights to/from Seoul (3 flights/week), to/from Shanghai (2 flights/week), and to/from Taipei (4 flights/w). The airport also has a lot of charter flights.

Travel to Toyama can be by airplane through either Narita Airport or Hanita Airport.  High-speed express trains also travel between Tokyo and Toyama frequently and depart from the downtown central train station.  Travel time by train is approximately 2 hours. 

The currency is the Japanese Yen (JPY)  In February 2023 the JPY1 = US$.0074. JPY100 = $0.74 or €0.70

Automatic cash dispensers accepting Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express credit cards and Maestro Cirrus or Visa Electron debit cards are situated at all main banks, town centres, hotels, bigger stores, airports and the railway station.

All major credit cards, such as Mastercard/Eurocard, Visa, American Express, Diners etc., are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops.

You may check what adapters you will need in Japan by going to the Power Plug and Sockets of the World website:

Plugs and sockets
In Japan the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B. The standard voltage is 100 V and the standard frequency is 50 / 60 Hz.

Which power plugs and sockets in Japan?
You may check what adapters you will need in Japan by going to the Power Plug and Sockets of the World website:

In Japan the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B. Check out the following pictures. Type A: mainly used in North and Central America, China and Japan. This socket only works with plug A.

Type B: like type A but with an extra prong for grounding. This socket also works with plug A.

Type B plug

Type A: This socket has no alternative plugs Type B: This socket also works with plug A

type A plug

The time in Toyama, Japan is UTC/GMT + 15 hours. Time Zone Converter

The average overnight low is just 3.8°C - 5.5° C (39° - 42° F). The warmer weather is felt in the afternoon hours where the afternoon high has jumped significantly from the previous month to a current average of 10° - 12.7° C (50° - 55° F).

The US’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention maintains a site for travelers to Japan.