2020 World Family Therapy Congress

Since we were not able to come together for the 2020 IFTA Congress in Switzerland, we will create a page where we can link to your presentation in order to share it with all registrants (a bit of a virtual congress). 

Post your PowerPoint slides to a website like https://www.slideshare.net, or create a https://www.youtube.com/ video, or post it some other way. Then send us the link to it. Do not send us the file to post, it needs to be saved at another source and we will link to it.

If you want to share your presentation for IFTA 2020, send us:
1.      Title of the Presentation.
2.      The name(s) of the presenter(s).
3.      The link to your presentation.

Here are the first three presentations shared with the group.

Basel Update

Thank you for your patience. The Congress Board has been working to retrieve funds from the vendors for the Basel congress and to make plans for the 2021 World Family Therapy Congress. There is no new information on retrieving funds from the congress vendors.

Events in 2021

We are getting clear messages from our partners and officials that March 2021 might be too early to hold an event with many people (density) where social distancing would be hard to maintain. However, we are working on plans for a Virtual Congress in March of 2021 and an in-person Regional Congress in Europe in late Summer of early Autumn.  More details later this summer.

COVID Impact

Please note that COVID-19 has taken its toll on the Congress staff. The congress is managed by volunteers from a college program. All of the student volunteer staff were sent home and their campus is closed like most colleges and universities. They have not been able to regularly respond to emails but the Congress Board will inform you via ConstantContact of new plans for 2021 and 2022.

CANCELLED --- The 2020 IFTA World Family Therapy Congress will be held 12-14 March 2020 in Basel, Switzerland. We invite you to join colleagues from around the world in Switzerland.