2020 World Family Therapy Congress

2020 IFTA Congress Cancelled

The Swiss Government has ruled that the upcoming congress can not be held due to the coronavirus outbreak in Switzerland and its possible spread. We have just received this confirmation today (Sunday) after submitting the required information to the Swiss health officials on Friday.

We recommend that all attendees cancel whatever travel plans they can. If you have purchased travel insurance or conference insurance, you should contact those companies. IFTA Congress is also cancelling any contracts that we can and requesting refunds for fees already paid in advance of the congress. This may take some time to determine the financial impact. Because we are past our refund deadline to our vendors, we may not recover any funds already paid. This will all be subject to government policy, and we all know how long governments take, so please be patient with us while we get all of the information. At that point, we will be able to determine what we are financially able to do.

We that work on this congress are all very disappointed that we will not be able to hold this event. This congress is run by volunteers who have put in many hours for the past year in preparation to have all of us come together in Switzerland. We will miss seeing you all. We wish everyone a safe and healthy year.

The IFTA Congress was started to share the important work of family therapy across the globe. It is an opportunity to learn from each other. We all will miss that opportunity this year, but we are working on plans for next year. We hope that all of you are able to join us in the future.

CANCELLED --- The 2020 IFTA World Family Therapy Congress will be held 12-14 March 2020 in Basel, Switzerland. We invite you to join colleagues from around the world in Switzerland.