Trips & Tours

Pre-congress tours will be offered on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 24 - 27, 2019.

March 5, 2019 - notes from the tour company

Grampian Escapes and Tours will be offering four (4) tours, all of which are available for reservations now through Grampian’s web site. Other tours may be offered, such as Balmoral Castle, when they are able to establish the opening date.  Check back for further information or additional tours.

Sunday, March 24, 2019
South Aberdeenshire Coastal Tour
Departing at- 09:00am
Returning at- 14:30pm
Explore the South Aberdeenshire Coastal Trail with a visit to Stonehaven and the impressive Dunnottar Castle. Continue travelling through time with a visit to Kinneff Old Church and its connection to the Castle as well as treat yourself to a delicious lunch at one of the region’s top restaurants.

First stop of the day is Stonehaven, a coastal village just south of Aberdeen. Stonehaven historically was a fishing port until the early 1900's. After the decline of the fishing industry the town languished for a several years until it became a popular seasonal tourist town thanks in part to the outdoor swimming pool, sandy beaches and the added attraction of Dunnottar Castle.

Dunottar Castle, on its iconic coastal location was built around the 1660's although a presence was there much earlier. With ties to Robert the Bruce, getting caught up with the Jacobite Rebellions and the Honours of Scotland which were hidden there during the Cromwell battles, this castle has a lot of stories to tell.
Tour does not include:

  • Entry to Castle- £8.00 (plus donation to Kinneff Old Church would be appreciated)
  • Lunch - £15.00 (average cost)

*To book a tour, please click here and scroll the calendar to March 2019 to see available tours.

Monday, March 25, 2019
V&A Dundee Museum & RSS Discovery Tour

Departing at- 09:30am
Returning at- 16:30pm
The newly opened V&A Museum in Dundee host a vast collection of Scottish culture & art to explore. After lunch we will visit the Arctic, with the RSS Discovery, the boat which took Captain Scott to the ends of the earth.

The special exhibition at the V&A is all about how ocean liners became one of the most powerful and admired symbols of 20th century modernity.

From Brunel’s 1859 steamship, the Great Eastern, to the launch of the QE2 in 1969, Ocean Liners: Speed and Style is the first exhibition to fully explore the design and cultural impact of ocean liners on an international scale, focusing on their promotion, engineering, interior design, as well as the lifestyle on board.

Follow in the footsteps of Captain Scott and his heroic team at Discovery Point! Learn out about the Heroes of the Ice who braved the harsh conditions of the Antarctic and hear their stories first hand. You will be able to walk on the deck of the Discovery and see the quarters & conditions in which they lived while travelling the world.
Tour does not include:

  • Entry - £24.25 (for both, approximately)
  • Lunch - £15.00 (average cost)

*To book a tour, please click here and scroll the calendar to March 2019 to see available tours.

Tuesday the 26th of March
Loch Ness & Urquhart Castle
Departing at- 07:30am
Returning at- 18:30pm
Travel to the Highlands of Scotland and explore our rugged countryside by visiting Loch Ness and the mysteries of the deep as well as the Castle which is perched on the edge of the Loch.

The Highlands of Scotland are known for many things; rugged mountains, cool clear Loch's and has more than its fare share of notorious wildlife including; the Loch Ness Monster and the Haggis.

Upon departing Aberdeen we will take the most direct route up to Inverness via the Speyside Whisky Country to the North. In Inverness you will have the opportunity to visit Loch Ness and take a cruise on the Loch and visit Urquhart Castle.

Following the cruise there is a short stop at Culloden Moor, one of the country's most infamous battlefield. Stand on the windswept moor where the Jacobites made their final stand.
Not included in this tour are:

  • Entry to Culloden -£11.00
  • Loch Cruise & Castle - £22.00
  • Lunch & refreshments - £15.00 (average costs)

*To book a tour, please click here and scroll the calendar to March 2019 to see available tours.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 10 AM
Aberdeen City Walking Tour & Afternoon Tea

Departing at 10:00
Returning - 14:00 (approximately)
Starting at the Maritime Museum to learn about the long relationship of Aberdeen and the Sea, discover the highlights of the Heart of Aberdeen on our walking tour and finish the morning with Afternoon Tea.

*To book a tour, please click here and scroll the calendar to March 2019 to see available tours.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Glengarioch Distillery & Brewdog Brewery Tours
Departing at- 13:30am
Returning at- 20:00pm
Two of the region's great brands are Glengarioch Distillery and Brewdog Beer.
*Pre-booking is essential due to limited spaces available on the tours*

First stop on the tour is Glengarioch Distillery where you will enjoy a Tasting Tour of the distillery and sample of three of their signature single malt drams including an exclusive single cask bottling. Glengarioch has been creating a distinctive whisky for more than 200 years in the village of Oldmeldrum and the distillery has become an integral part of the community.

Next we visit the headquarters of the now global brand, Brewdog. Before going on their brewery tour, you will have a chance for a quick bite of dinner at their own DogTap Restaurant. The brewery tour will take you through the process of how the iconic craft brew is created and again a tasting to follow.

For this tour, only over 18's please. Also please note that only closed, sensible footwear is allowed. (i.e no sandals, high heals or open toe shoes)
Tour does not include:

  • Entry - £32.50 (for both)
  • Lunch - £18.00 (average cost)

*To book a tour, please click here and scroll the calendar to March 2019 to see available tours.