Keynote Speakers & Addresses

Monica McGoldrick, M.S.W., Ph.D.   IMELDA MCCARTHY, Ph.D.

Monica McGoldrick, M.S.W., Ph.D. (h.c.)

Plenary Address Description

Transforming Life Narratives:
Context, Connection, Genograms, Legacies and Having A Sense Of Home

This presentation will be about the key dimensions for assessing human problems and evolving healing solutions. Genograms are the core mapping tool of this work. A genogram is a map of who you belong to. This presentation will focus on viewing each person in the context of his or her cultural background, social class, gender and sexual orientation, family history, life cycle trajectory, and multiple identities in terms of interests, affiliations, and values.

Plenary  Speaker

Monica McGoldrick, MSW, PhD (h.c.),  Director of the Multicultural Family Institute Teacher, author and family therapist. She has an international reputation as a trainer and author. She is on the Clinical Faculty of the Psychiatry Department of the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Her books include Ethnicity and Family Therapy (3rd ed), The Expanded Family Life Cycle (5th ed. 2017), Genograms (3rd ed), Living Beyond Loss (2nd ed), Re-Visioning Family Therapy: Race, Culture and Gender in Clinical Practice (2nd ed), Women in Families, and The Genogram Journey: Reconnecting with Your Family (2nd ed of You Can Go Home Again, 2011).  Her newest book the Genogram Casebook was published by W.W. Norton in 2016.  She is also the author of a number of clinical videos available through



Imelda McCarthy, Ph.D.

Closing Friday Plenary Address

Co-Creating Fifth Provinces (islands of support) in these times of social crises

We are at a time of social, financial and ecological mis-alignment at this point in our experiences of living on our planet.   From her own experience, Imelda, over the years, has come to appreciate and know the importance of solidarity and communities of support (Fifth Provinces) professionally and personally.   When we were building the field of family therapy this was true and it is more so called for at this time of contraction (of money services, treatment possibilities, etc.) and rising inequalities. She will also talk about the importance of systemic reflexivity in coming to know, ‘who we choose to be and what we stand for’ together with the consequences of our (inter-)actions for our own and our client’s contexts and ecologies.  She will also suggest that meditation practices can play a big role in helping us to achieve equanimity in our lives and work.

Plenary Speaker

Imelda McCarthy PhD has been a family therapist, supervisor, writer and international presenter for almost forty years. Her writings have been translated into nine languages and cover the areas of sexualised abuse, poverty, gender and spirituality. In addition to developing the ‘Fifth Province Approach’ with Nollaig Byrne and Philip Kearney, she has also spent over 25 years as an academic in the Social Sciences. Now, she works as a therapist and supervisor from her home under the rubric of, ‘The Fifth Province Centre’ where she also facilitates meditation groups (Fifth Province Sangha).  For the past number of years she has been facilitating one and two-day retreats for those interested in meditation and consciousness evolution.  Throughout her practices with meditation she has integrated her systemic and spiritual experiences together with training alongside her teacher, Sri Vasudeva.