Many European airlines fly directly to Malaga.  Most US airlines do not fly directly to Malaga except during the summer months.  However, London is a very popular location to pickup flights to Malaga since there are over 100,000 British citizens living in and around Malaga.

The high speed trains run from Madrid to Malaga in about 2 hours.  Thus, Madrid would be another landing spot for those flying from outside of Europe.


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Taxi prices are governed by Tariff and this is published at the front of the Taxi rank at Malaga airport. Also published on Spanish airports web site for Practical information at Malaga airport and at this web site:

Rate 1* (weekdays from 06:00 to 22:00): per kilometre €0.84; waiting time per hour €18.47; minimum service starting at the airport €15.21.
Rate 2* (weekdays from 22:00 to 06:00, Saturdays and holidays): per kilometre €1.03; waiting time per hour €23.09; minimum service starting at the airport €19.01.

Supplement* to/from airport: €5.50; night-time (0:00 to 6:00), €2; origin/destination Levante port, €1; packages or suitcases larger than 60 cm, €0.45. During the August Festival and Holy Week, rate 2 will be applied.

A normal taxi fare from the airport to downtown Malaga costs about 20€.

(Rates include a 4.166% GET)

There are many airport shuttles services available to those landing at the Malaga airport.  A google search will locate many service providers, either in shuttle buses or in private cars.