XXV World Family Therapy Congress

and XXXth IFTA Anniversary

International Family Therapy: 30 Years of Change

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25th World Family Therapy Congress, March 2017
Location:  To Be Annoucnced Shortly

Watch this site for further information regarding location, 
proposal submission and registration information.

The 2017 Congress theme will celebrate the evolution of family therapy around the world.  The Congress will focus on interactional methodologies for working with families and how those changes impact the families with which therapists work.  The 2017 Congress, like all IFTA Congresses, will also feature many approaches to a variety of problems and ways of coping with them. The congress aims to help heal hurting couples and families in various cultures.

The International Family Therapy Association was an outgrowth of the East-West Bridging Congress conducted in Prague in 1987. Since that time, IFTA’s goal has been the same: Advancing family therapy worldwide by promoting research, education, and sound practice while promoting international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas that support the health and well-being of families and persons around the world.