2020 Basel World Family Therapy Congress Workshop Presentations

In response to an invitation to those who were scheduled to present at the Basel World Congress, the following individuals have responded with their workshop information.

Title: Families living with a RARE genetic conditions: Stories of strengths
Presenter: Mariangels Ferrer
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Title: Championing for the Voiceless: Knowing and Understanding Trauma-Exposed Children
Presenter: Dr. Karen D. Rowland, LPC, NCC, ACS
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Title: Archipelago – Psychotherapy Work with Children and Parents in Post-Divorce Situations
Presenters: Tatana Simeckova and Gabriela Vykypelova
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Presentation Link - video - A Case Study
Presentation Link - video - About the Method

Title: Functional Dialectic System (FDS) Approach to Therapy: The symptom id not a sign but a means to an end
Presenter: Prof. Moshe Almagor Tikotzli
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