Friends of IFTA

The Friends of IFTA is a sub-organization of the International Family Therapy Association, and it was founded with two goals in mind.

The first is to recognize the needs of people who are associated with members of the parent organization. A major focus of the Friends of IFTA is to organize unique events for those who are accompanying members to international congresses. While there are always tours offered to non-members so they can see the area where a Congress is held, the Friends of IFTA will arrange for special experiences for their members that are notable and normally not available to the general public.

The second purpose of the Friends of IFTA is to raise money to benefit different areas within the organization such as the Training and Education Division, the Development Fund, the Publications Fund, the Scholarship Fund, the General Operations/Income Fund, and the Kaslow Fund for Conference Plenary Speakers.

One of the ways in which this is done is through The Auction! This is an annual event where we ask for items to be donated for a "silent" auction -- an auction that allows people to bid on items over a 48 hour period by adding their name and the amounts they will pay for items that they would like to have.  While similar to a regular auction, the difference is that one has 48 hours and many chances to claim an item of interest. At 2008 The Friends of IFTA raised $875 for the IFTA Scholarship Fund.

The Friends of IFTA will also be involved with other fund raising events that will be announced in the future.  We have many ways for our organization to help raise money for the important work that is done by IFTA.

We look forward to having you join us!
Pamela R. L. Lessing
President, Friends of IFTA

Non-practitioners who want to assist and support the work of the association can join IFTA at: and benefit from a special rate at the congress.