Submit Your Video Presentation

Greetings IFTA 2021 Conference Presenters,

This year we are making our conference completely virtual to ensure the health and safety of our conference attendees. We will be utilizing YouTube to host the workshop videos, so we are asking each presenter or group of presenters to pre-record and submit their presentations by Sunday, January 31, 2021 in order for IFTA committee to have enough lead time to upload the videos and contact you if there are any issues prior to the start of the conference.

We recommend you create your presentation video in Zoom and utilize the record feature to create your video file that you can upload to the designated 2021 Presenter Videos folder in the IFTA Google Drive. (You will not be able to access it until your proposal is accepted and payment for registration has been received and processed.)

We will upload presentation videos to the IFTA YouTube Channel prior to the start of the congress. All videos will be set to unlisted so that only conference attendees will be able to view the video via a link. We will leave the videos on the YouTube channel for a designated window of time and then the videos will be deleted from the channel.

You may also produce your video by recording it with your phone or video camera, but we have full instructions on how to record your video using Zoom.

Instructions on how to create your video in Zoom.

Upload Instructions:

  1. Before you upload your file please Rename your video file to the title of your presentation and your name. For example: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - Ruth Johnson
  2. Now your video file should be ready to upload into the IFTA Google drive.
  3. Click here - 2021 Presenter Videos
  4. Please drag and drop your video into the Google Drive folder.